Owner Services

Why Hire CTS Realty

CTS Realty is a boutique full service real estate brokerage that specializes in property management and leasing. Our team combined has over 25 years of property management experience, which spreads from single family residential, multi family, and even commercial. CTS Realty services the greater Metropolitan areas which spread north, south, east and west valleys. Our services are designed for our client’s to have a peace and mind, and be as hands on or off as desired.

Our services are unmatchable with our discount fees, and elite advertising venues. Our goal is to place a qualified tenant in your investment, while maintaining the marketability and condition throughout their lease. CTS Realty has a high tenant retention, which cuts down on vacancy losses, and make- ready costs.  Best of all, we are knowledgeable with the rules and regulations which govern the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act, as well as other state, and federal laws. All this, makes us a great leader to help maintain your real estate investment.

As previously mentioned we go above and beyond our call of duty, from our reliable and dependable 24/7 maintenance and property management services.  CTS Realty does not nickel and dime, like many other management companies alike. We don’t up charge our vender invoices, or charge for our unmatched advertising.  Our management fee is a flat rate, and does not change.

What We Offer

We offer a range of services to tailor the needs of our Owners. Which consist of leasing only, to leasing and property management.

  • We utilize over 80 internet websites, along with signage, personal showings, and open houses to make sure your investment is effectively marketed.
  • Once a prospective tenant has applied, we run a complete background check which consists of a nationwide criminal search, eviction search, credit check, employment verifications and rental history.
  • Upon application acceptance we prepare all rental agreements, and prospective addenda’s, which have been carefully drafted with assistance from our attorney.
  • CTS Realty conducts routine inspections.
  • Collects monthly rent, applicable late fees, and HOA fines.
  • Obtain, file, and pay the monthly or quarterly city rental taxes
  • Pay HOA dues and fines, along with any utility bills
  • Process your rental income no later than the 20th of every month by ACH Deposit
  • Full eviction services are offered. CTS Realty has an attorney on retainer, which assist with keeping costs down for our Owners.


Our Fees

Our services are offered with competitive pricing. Special discounts are provided to Owners with multi properties. If you are considering purchasing an investment property, or would like CTS Realty to manage your investments, please feel free to contact us at (602-525-5665) or (602-672-0872) for further information on our services.