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Management and Leasing

CTS Realty provides the best leasing and property management services currently available. Even better, our superior services is offered to our Clients at discount rates. CTS has a strong advantage over our competitors as we are able to utilize our tremendous Tenant data-base, along with our established relationships with National Corporate Housing Specialist, Section 8 Housing Authorities, Apartment/Home Locator services, and much more. Our network and professionalism gives CTS the upper hand with locating a qualified tenant for our Client’s properties. In addition unlike our competitors, all utilized advertising venues are at ZERO cost to our Clients. With resources like these, we have kept our Client’s properties occupied and revenue producing.

Choosing CTS Realty

In closing, CTS Realty’s number ONE goal is to help reduce any further declining in Maricopa County’s real estate values and to stop the hemorrhaging of its current property Owners. I cannot stress enough, that this is most effectively accomplished by keeping rental inventories occupied, delinquencies at a minimum, turn-costs low and vacancy hold-times short. By applying these basic principles/practices, WE CAN, more effectively help increase current home values. In looking forward, we will see future growth in home values and increased rent revenues. Don’t waste any more time with trying to lease and manage your properties, allow CTS Realty to take the burden off your hands, and place rents back in your pockets.

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