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There is no surprise that Opendoor is one of the newest trends for Sellers. Their claim to fame, is “when you sell with Opendoor, you avoid many of these costs because you never put your home on the market.” Let me tell you, I already knew their scam as a licensed Real Estate Broker, Chalyce […]

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Market Update March 2014 (Courtesy Clear Title AZ)

Although we started the year off in January with less than stellar sales, Single Family Sales were down 19% from 2012. Even with sales down values rang in from Jan 201-Jan 2014 with 10.1% to 25.8% appreciation which covers sales from new, re-sale, investor flips, short sales, HUD sales, and trustee Sales.   Continuing from January […]

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Market Update for February 2014 (Courtesy of Clear Title AZ)

With 2013 and January wrapped up, the numbers are in. In January 24,185 active listings were on the market, which is up 10% from what CTS Realty experienced in 2013. Median Home prices rang in around $202k which is averaged over the months of Oct-Dec 2013. CTS Realty is thankful to report that foreclosure in […]

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Who Is Not Buying Real Estate

Surprisingly enough we have a giant buyer missing from our real estate market. Guess who, Millennials! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term Millennial. Millennial is a generation also known as generation Y, which consists of a demographic following Generation X’ers. Millennials include birth dates in the early 80’s through the early […]

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Rent Check Rewind 2013

Welcome to 2014. As a way to keep all of our investors informed, I have compiled all of the rental stats from 2013. First things first, 2013 was a great year for Maricopa County. Last year 43,111 rentals were closed, which is a 12% increase from 2012 with 37,941 rentals closed. The average closed rental […]

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FHA Loan Limits 2014

Effectively as of today January 1st, 2014 the new FHA loan limits have been set to decrease significantly. The new FHA loan limit is $271,050 which is $75k less than its previous limit of $346,250. Although the limit has decreased, FHA is still more than attractive for potential Buyers.  FHA offers low interest rates, and […]

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Renting Your House 101

Why rent your house? Well the answer is simple, renting your house will allow you to keep your investment on track, and turn your liability into an asset.  Renting your house will afford you the ability to maintain your property, while the tenant’s rental payments assist with paying down your mortgages, and expenses.  Below you […]

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Arizona Is Coming Back

Based on CoreLogic’s research Arizona is making its way back up. From 2012-2013 foreclosure sales are down a whopping 50%. This drop in foreclosures competes as the second largest drop with California taking the lead as number 1.  Our foreclosure rate in Arizona is less than 1% which is the 9th lowest in our great […]

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