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I have been a client of CTS Realty (Sherry and Chalyce) for many years now,
And I appreciate their professionalism and details in getting deals done.
Sherry goes above and beyond and is very Proactive, in making sure everything goes smoothly. CTS realty (sherry and Chalyce) have helped me tremendously in the purchasing, selling, and managing my homes. I am fortunate and lucky to be working with CTS Realty.

David H.

CTS Realty Property Management Recommendation
CTS Realty has managed rental properties for me very effectively since 2010 and it has been a great relief for me to have my properties under their management.

I started buying and managing my own properties in 1985, and for 25 years I bought and sold several, managing up to 4 rental houses and a 44 unit apartment complex at one time, but in about 2009 I started realizing that dealing with day to day rental activities was impacting my quality of life, especially my family and hobby time, and my effectiveness in my electrical engineering career. So I made one of the best decisions of my life (the best being marrying my wonderful wife) and turned management of 2 of our 4 single family homes over to CTS Realty (we had sold the apartment complex).

The choice of which 2 to turn over to them was easy, it was the 2 that had recently become vacant, and my choice of CTS Realty among all the property managers to choose from was also easy, because a friend had been using them to manage his two single family homes for about 4 years. I had been checking with him over the years to see how he liked having them manage his properties and his response was always positive; he was very glad that they were taking care of the day-to-day activities and leasing of his properties.

One of the 2 homes that I turned over to their care in 2010 was in bad need of upgrading and the other was over 40 miles from where I lived, so that also made the choice easy. CTS had the one that needed repairs rent ready in a couple months and rented at a rate that was much higher than I had expected (about 20% higher than I had been renting it for) within a month of that. They also had the other home rented quickly and a year later when I made the decision to sell it and buy something closer to the Phoenix metro area they listed and sold it for me quickly. Sherry McQueen then recommended areas to buy another rental home and helped me evaluate homes for rent potential that I was considering buying to replace it, even though it was another Realtor that represented me in the purchase. Sherry was only interested in making sure that I got a good home in an area with good rent potential and was not concerned with getting a commission on the purchase. They have managed that property since I purchased it and again have consistently gotten at least 10% more for it than I would have thought possible.
I turned two other properties over to their management, one after a tenant moved out and the other because I was having trouble with a tenant and I did not want to deal with them anymore. For the one where the tenant had moved out, CTS had the place cleaned up and rented for over 20% more than I had been renting it, again in a very short time.

For the other one, I was having an awful time collecting rent from the existing tenant that I had leased the property to a couple years earlier and finally decided to give up. I turned management of it over to CTS and in a short time they were able to collect all back rents and legal fees from the tenant. They collected rents from the tenant for another year, at which point the tenant stopped paying again, so CTS quickly took care of the proper legal proceedings to remove them. The tenant left the property in awful condition and I just remember going over there right after CTS got them out, walking through the property, and thinking “I sure am glad that I don’t have to deal with cleaning this mess up. What a blessing to know that I can go home and enjoy my family and CTS will take care of cleaning up this mess and getting this place rented again.” CTS got the place cleaned up and recommended some very nice upgrades that resulted in again getting 20% higher rent than I had been getting.

When I think back to the days of managing my own rentals, being stressed at work or at home, taking time away from family and my hiking and traveling hobbies to clean up houses, show them to prospective tenants, and make or schedule repairs, not to mention the stress of what to do with non-paying tenants, I think of how glad I am to have CTS Realty now doing that for me. The added rents that they get cover their management expenses, and life is so much more enjoyable. I highly recommend using CTS Realty to manage rental properties.

Tim F

I hired CTS Realty two years ago, to assist me with managing a tenant of mine who unfortunately stopped paying rent about a month prior. Once CTS got involved, the proper documents where filed and the tenants were evicted shortly thereafter. Their maintenance team did a great job making the property rent ready, and was cost effective. Once the property was relisted CTS found a qualified tenant within one week. Now two years later, I have the same tenants, and CTS is still doing a great job managing my property.

Fred M.

I was referred to CTS Realty by a family friend to assist me with leasing out my property, after I was transferred out of state for work. CTS met with me around my schedule, and was very considerate of my needs, not to mention patient with my questions. After meeting with the CTS Gals, the reason to hire them was clear. I was so impressed with their marketing, professionalism and their knowledge. CTS listed and leased my home quickly, and I now have peace of mind knowing that CTS is looking after my home while I am out of state.

Sara T.

We have worked with CTS Realty for 3 years, having Sherry and Chalyce manage our rental properties. Being from Canada, we wanted a property management company who we could rely on, and we know we found the right one. Their knowledge of the local rental industry is solid, their network of suppliers is second to none, their customer service is top notch and we know that our rental investments are in good hands. We are extremely pleased with CTS Realty and would recommend them with pleasure.

Trevor & Tamara

I would like to state how happy and satisfied I have been over the last three years with how well CTS Reality has handled my residential rental property portfolio. During the past three years CTS reality has leased over fifteen of my properties and obtained signed leases all within a two week time frame. CTS obviously dose an excellent job in marketing and leasing to qualified tenants because my homes have never sat vacant and rents have been paid on time.

CTS Reality years of experience, knowledge and professionalism is a constant from the start. CTS knows how to correctly price your rental home to achieve one’s optimal rents. All of the responsibilities of the tenant are in writing and fully reviewed with the tenant up front so that we the Landlord are protected and represented as well as possible.

Additionally CTS Reality does an excellent job overseeing any repairs or problems that have come up with the many properties I have under their management. CTS has many excellent sources to make the needed repairs and maintenance that come up over time with home ownership. I have found that CTS’s service repair providers to be extremely professional, timely and the price of the repair / service, very competitive. Before the end of each lease term CTS will know firsthand if the tenant is going to stay. When the tenant stays a new lease is executed, if not CTS puts its marketing and maintenance team into action so that the home can be shown in its best possible condition and rented quickly.

I have been extremely satisfied with Sherry, Chalyce at CTS Reality and have recommended them many times to all of my friends with investment properties. Each time I have recommended CTS Reality to others I have been thanked. My feeling is that CTS Realty treats your home and your investment as if it were their own.

Thank you CTS Realty for such a great experience!

Claude B.

I have entrusted the management of my multiple rental homes to CTS Realty for 5 years. I am also in the unique position where I know many competing firms in the business. CTS Realty is the only one that makes sense to hire. Everything they do for rental property owners from finding tenants to day- to- day issues gives me peace of mind—the main thing an owner must have! They are also very effective with managing remodels between tenants. The established relationships they have with contractors and vendors give me confidence the work will be done right, will be priced fairly and with minimal problems. Their staff is professional, communicative and diligent. Any issues that come up are addressed promptly and correctly. If you want to be confident your rental property will be managed the right way then you need to hire CTS Realty.

Eric R.

Although I live not far from where my investment property is located, I simply didn’t have time or energy to deal with it. So I hired CTS to handle my property. It’s been 3 years now without the stress, and I am so glad I hired them. All I do is sit back and wait for my money, the rest is all taken care of, and that’s a great feeling.

Brad M.

When the economy fell, I was forced to sell several of my investment properties as a short sale. I hired CTS Realty to list my properties one by one. Not only was short selling my properties difficult emotionally but I was completely clueless as to the process and what to expect. CTS Realty did a great job holding my hand throughout the entire process, and best of all I could tell that they truly cared about the outcome, and they weren’t just looking to get paid. CTS did one heck of job negotiating not just one but all of my short sold properties and because of their skills I was able to walk away unharmed. I would strongly recommend CTS for not only short sales but for any of your real estate needs.

Matthew H.

“CTS Realty offers solid and productive support for our investment properties. Our property manager consistently provides reliable attention to detail, timely follow up and proper tenant relationships. We are looking forward for CTS to manage more of our investment properties in the future”.

D. H.

CTS Realty has been my property manager for about five years. Given that I live out of state, it was important to me that I work with someone who I could rely on and trust to handle things in a timely fashion and to manage my properties. CTS has performed beyond my expectations. CTS is in tune with the rental market and almost always has my properties rented. When a tenant vacates a property, it is usually rented out again within weeks, depending on the saturation of the market. In addition, CTS properly screens the tenants to minimize risks and to ensure the tenants can timely pay the rent. CTS timely responds to tenant inquiries and associates with quality vendors to ensure repairs are timely made and within budget. CTS treats each of my properties as if it was owed by CTS and has ALWAYS provided top notch service!.

Jason S.

When my husband and I set out to purchase our first home we were excited, nervous, and had no idea what we were doing! Chalyce not only took the time to explain the process step by step, but also helped us find our perfect home! She was knowledgeable, friendly, and incredibly patient with us first time home buyers!!!.

Janet W.

Thank you for the professionalism and high level of service you provided during the recent process of renting my home. Being in the service industry myself, your attention to detail, constant feedback and professional manner was greatly appreciated. Thank you for everything… I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

Jinal P.

Many More Testimonials Available upon Request.

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